What is funneling ?

A marketing funnel is a classic technique to drive a potential audience on your way. If you think you don’t know what exactly funnel marketing but what if I say you have taken the action just because of these tactics. Think when you took the free webinar, free trial for many products. A marketing funnel is an important marketing tactic that surely helps the brand to grow. In this blog, we will be covering some important aspects of the marketing funnel. So let’s begin with the term “Marketing funnel”

What is a marketing funnel anyway?

A marketing funnel is a collection of stages that prospective clients move through with the first stage being the awareness stage. Marketing funnels were designed to push these potential customers through the buyer’s journey to ultimately purchase a brand’s products or services. To understand the marketing funnel look at the following picture. 

The diagram consists of 6 stages and they are awareness, interest consideration, intent, evaluation & purchase. let’s discuss each stage one by one. 


The top stage of the funnel is awareness. The top of the funnel of awareness stage is made with people who are unaware of your brand, product, or service. They are completely new to what are you providing and need to be educated on your services. So, it becomes your responsibility to make them aware or educate about your brand. 

Some people misunderstand this stage by assuming that the customer is ready to buy the product. Rather, you shouldn’t be pitching them your products instead, make them realize that your brand is the perfect solution for their problem. 


Now that you have made your audience aware of your product, you may move further by building interest. You can pitch your audience with different ways of communication. The possibility that the user might show the interest is high in this stage. You could choose the platforms like email, newsletter, landing pages, etc. 


Here we come to the middle of the funnel. The audience who belongs to this part is aware of the problem and the are considering you as a solution. These people are interested in learning more about the problem so they can decide how best to proceed. Remember, they aren’t 100% ready to commit to a solution. These people often visit your website and are familiar with your brand, but have not purchased any of your products.


Since you have sweated a lot on the basic things, it’s time to celebrate the victory. The specific and most genuine group of a client will be coming your way. What makes the funnel the successful strategy is – it builds trust so strong that the customer has no other option but to choose you.


Planning and strategy are an important aspect of marketing. Funneling can help you out to find the most promising customer base as it is the most powerful strategy.