Give wings to your dawn dreaming with Digital Marketing & live your life queen size!

Long gone are those days where women were restricted to only household work. With the change in the time, women can earn from home and reinstate their careers with the help of Digital Marketing. It’s not rocket science, it is simple & the most convenient way to restart your career. We live in a world where women are asked to sacrifice their career either for their husband or for their children but by breaking the ice, this article suggests best and the most suitable path for all the housewives who have sacrificed their careers & are still dependent on their husband’s salary.

Shraddha Sharma, Richa Kar, Masoom Minawala, Falguni Nayyar, Rashi Menda, & many more are examples to show the impact of Digital Marketing in a women’s life. These women have proven that if you have dreams to catch upon, nothing can stop. The time has passed where women stayed away from venturing into business. The current scenario in India is, out of 58.5 million businesses houses in India, women manage around 8.05 million & employ around 13.48 million people. However, only 10% of total entrepreneurs in India are women & 14 % of total business establishments in India are run by women. The numbers are very less and this chart depicts the reason behind the hesitance of Indian

If these are the reasons behind your hesitance, then Digital Marketing could save your dreams from drowning.

Why Digital Marketing?

Sometimes the weight you need to lose isn’t on your body. It’s on your shoulder housekeeper.

Digital Marketing is the newly evolved form of marketing which is taking over all the traditional forms. Smartphones, computers, & laptops became the controllers of the consumers & because of this; Digital Marketing has become an unstoppable force.

The main reason behind the rapid growth in Digital Marketing is the usage of the Internet. Smartphone and internet usage in India is set to massively swell in the next three years. By 2022, there will be 829 million smartphone users in India which are 60% of the population, according to CISCO’s 13th Annual Visual Networking Index (VNI).

Learning Digital Marketing is comparatively easy and the trending course in the market. It’s not just a course, it has captured all the leading brands and placed them successfully in front of the world. Here are the points which make Digital Marketing beneficial for Housewives:

• Easy to Understand: Digital Marketing doesn’t need any specific language or degree. It can be learned at every stage of life, definitely not at an infant age. Five hours in a week are enough for any woman working passionately at home for the family. There is no harm in spending a few hours for your dream. This skill set can be added with just basic knowledge of using the internet.

  • Freelancing Opportunities: This is the best option for all the homemaking women who want to set sail on their career. It gives a pool of opportunities where a woman can find their area of interests and can choose the path which suits them best.
  • Your Home is your Office: A housewife could be deemed to have certain duties and responsibilities. Keeping an eye on this, Digital Marketing gives the benefit to stay at home and work. Yes, it is true. A woman can look after her family and also can run for her dreams. It is not necessary to go out. Another benefit which women get from freelancing is they can manage their time for work and household work. Flexibility is more as compared to any other profession. Therefore, learning Digital Marketing is anytime a convenient and right option for you to manage work and manage the house altogether.
  • Low input high output: The first thought which comes in the mind of any woman who is dependent on her husband’s salary is- How much it will cost or whether it will fit in my budget or not!
    Believe me, this is the only option which can make you go shopping without keeping budget constraint in your mind or it can fulfil all your needs without seeking permission from your husband.

Marriage is not the end of your career, you still have your life to live your dreams. By adding this skill set in your superpowers you can live your life with the way you want. If you are good at something then why do it for free. For example- if you know to stitch, you can design few clothes and start your own website or become a blogger.

Pune is witnessing rapid growth in the start-up ecosystem. It has received start-up funding worth $192 million across 35 deals in2018. Within these opportunities, Steps in Digital has brought a specially designed course for all those passionate housewives who want to start their career and give a kick start to their new journey. We have designed our course in such a way that housewives, professional working women or newly married can still manage to learn Digital Marketing & work on their dreams. With our guidance and expertise in the digital sector, we assure you of 100% bright future – IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT.

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