Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Difference between traditional marketing and Digital marketing

Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Marketing is important when it comes to increasing sales by showcasing your products or services. Nowadays the internet is the place for marketers where several vendors show their product. The accessibility of the internet today is enormous. According to a research company, the number of people going online every day is quite amazing. The Number of internet usage in adults increased by 5% in just the last three yearsOne can get maximum reach if they master the craft of digital marketing. On the other hand, traditional marketing has some limitations. Traditional marketing includes print media, broadcast media, direct mail, telephone, outdoor (billboard, fillers), etc. Let’s find out what is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing.


Traditional Marketing vs. Digital marketing 


Return of Investment 

The main difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is ROI. Digital marketing has the most convenient way to calculate the return of investment whereas in traditional marketing we cannot calculate ROI. The ROI can be figured out by the number of likes, comments, reach the ad gets. The ability to calculate the amount of time and money we are investing to promote our business is special. With the help of ROI we can save costs to the company also we can analyze whether the campaign is running for the right audience or not. You can learn more about Digital Marketing here


Targeting audience 

Digital marketing allows you to reach to the targeted audience. We can target a specific audience that best fits your services/product. We can select the audience by their persona, likes, interest and many more. By reaching the targeted audience we can save the money as well as efforts.



If you’re promoting your product or service on radio or TV, you aren’t provided with much more information than the number of listeners in that market (maybe a profile of the average listener if you’re lucky). By opting digital medium to promote your business, targeting features for campaigns are unmatched as compared to traditional advertising. In a social media campaign, you can create a whole custom audience of people to reach, or create an audience solely of people that have already visited your website. When marketing on search engines like Google, you can target people searching for exactly what your business is offering! Digital marketing takes out the guesswork by providing in-depth analytics and metrics about your audience and your marketing efforts.


Audience interaction 

Audience interaction is possible with the use of social media platforms. We can see the Interaction is encouraged by digital marketing. On the other hand, traditional marketing methods don’t allow for audience interaction. You have a chance to encourage your prospects, clients, and followers to take action, visit your website, read about your products and services, rate them buy them and provide feedback which is visible to your market.



There is a lot of difference when we talk about traditional marketing and digital marketing. The traditional marketing is being replaced with digital marketing as it is much advanced. What do you think, which kind of marketing is best to reach a maximum audience?